Need A Contest Sponsor?

Do you need a contest sponsor?

Maybe you already have one, but want to add more prizes. You’ve come to the right place. We can help sponsor your contest with entrecard credits, advertising space on various blogs, as well as possibly a small amount of cash. *Update* We have several $5 Grooveshark gift cards we can donate.

All we require is that you make it an option to gain entries to the contest by having your participants vote for your contest on Contest Live.

If you are interested just contact me with your information and what prize you need.

Other Sponsors

We are also compiling a list of possible contest sponsors that you can use as a great starting point for your contest. You can either contact these potential sponsors directly or we can help you with it, as they are all personal contacts.

IndoContest – Willing to sponsor entrecard credits, advertising space and possibly a small cash donation for the contest depending on the stipulation of the contest. ($5-$20)

Bloggeries– Offer your readers a few review on the Bloggeries Blog. Very well written and in depth reviews. A great prize for any blogger to win.

Thou Shall Blog – Another source for entrecard credits, as well as a free blog review. Also offering 125×125 banner links on another site, WP Beginners.

Want to sponsor a contest? Contact us to post a mention here as to what prizes you would offer.